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                                                                                   Interview by Meki Cox (LyricsExpress)

Zakiya Randall – also known as just “Z” has been one of the hottest driving forces in Women’s Golf – and has ranked high or won almost every Golf Tournament or game played since she was 10 years old. She has consecutively made it in the Women’s Golf Tour and devotes her time to many different events.

A force on and off the Green – Zakiya “Z” Randall has given her life to her dedications: Golf and helping others. She is an incredible spokesperson, a beautiful model and backs charities while also promoting youth issues and other youth related items.

Starting young and continuing a strong game – “Z” not only plays golf – gives speeches – promotes products, she also writes and produces music (a little known fact that is easily overlooked on her website.) The music tends to be eclectic and ethereal but you can tell it is focus driven – much like you can imagine Zakiya to be herself.

So let’s start this interview, shall we?

We’d like to welcome Zakiya “Z” Randall to Impulse Magazine and thank her for taking the time out of her busy schedule to speak with us.

First all I would like to thank you Ms. Meki Cox and Impulse Magazine for granting me this interview and being such a great magazine.

I am very excited to be doing this interview.

It’s been great reading about you – and very inspirational too. You’re quite an amazing force to reckon with. Not only are you an incredible Sports person in the amazing and intellectual game of Golf – you’re also involved in charities, modeling, youth speaking and the list just keeps going on.

We wonder how you find all the time to manage such an incredible career. Give us a brief example of your daily schedule:

I have a routine that I follow that includes rising early in the morning, studying…  working on preparation and focus techniques -  including numerous fitness routines and a schedule of particular practice shots to execute on the golf course.

Wow! I can’t imagine keeping up with something like that. Most of our readers couldn’t manage that in an entire month, let alone a day. So – if you had to choose, what would be your favorite thing to do from all of those things?

Some of the things that I enjoy doing outside of golf is reading, playing and producing music.

I have several years of training in classical piano and I really enjoy the process of thinking of a melody and being able to execute it musically.

I also enjoy public speaking, getting involved with youth organizations and introducing them to the game of golf.

Golf by far is my favorite.

OK – so let’s talk Idols… No, not American Idols… But more like – who is your idol? Who makes you look up to them the most – inspires you to do more —- and WHY?

That’s a Great question, first all my mother is my true idol and champion.

Secondly I would say Oprah Winfrey because she is a true business mogul and power broker and Thirdly Michael Jordan because he really made you believe you could fly.

Too Cool. You CAN Fly… Jordan is amazing – just like you!

So – tell me… What is it about GOLF that keeps you coming back? What’s the drive? What makes it “TICK” for you?


Golf is addicting!

You never quite figure it out.  It is always something to work on and you can always get better. I also love the game because it teaches you about life and values. I get to have a lot of fun and to share the game with a lot of people young and old.

I have been able to meet some very influential people and to travel to a lot of beautiful places.

You’ve almost single-handedly brought back GOLF as an interest to women again… I hate to compare your record to another golf star – because it isn’t even comparable. You’re a Golf Phenom – if Golfers around the world haven’t heard your name or seen your game – they’re blind, deaf and dumb.

What game — out of all the tournaments or competitions that you’ve ever played — means the most to you and… why?

Actually I have a few:

  • Winning the Championship in my very first year of playing golf and being the Atlanta Junior Player of the Year after winning every tournament.
  • Crowned Champion at National Junior Tour Championship in Florida, 2003.
  • Being the overall Georgia PGA Junior Tour Champion in 2005.
  • Winning 1st Place and becoming the youngest and only golfer from Atlanta to qualify for the U. S. Women’s Open Qualifier in 2006.
  • Achieving top Georgia Junior Girl at National Event.
  • Becoming the 1st Female to Win a 1st Place Championship Title on the Golf Channel Tour.

These accomplishments convinced me that I could be competitive at the next level. The other accomplishments that I’m particularly grateful for being invited to be a guest speaker and volunteering at events that promote the development and education of youth around the world.

You talk to kids — from all over the place… What is your message to them at the majority of your speeches?

I always speak about the importance for up and coming youth today to be appreciative and grateful for those who have come before you and those who have nurtured you in your youth.

If you had to give one piece of advice that would stick in the minds of the kids that you talk to – what would it be?

Always maintain respect for yourself and other people. When it’s your time to walk through the door of adulthood know that you might encounter adversity but do not be afraid to think outside of the box. You have to be resolved to be who you were made and created to become.

You recently did a Glow Media Spokesperson position – with some amazing and incredible people surrounding you… Tell us about that….

It’s was amazing, the place is spectacular, the PGA Village is simply top-shelf, it has great facilities and beautiful lush golf courses, (the top-rated courses in the nation).

I met some wonderful people from the New York Times, ESPN, TV Personalities, CEO of PGA Joe Steranka and numerous influential women and men Entrepreneurs. Cheryl Gentry of Glow Golf Media is an outstanding woman and business leader.

Definitely, Yes, I was out on the range and a little girl was there who had just had a difficult day in golf and when she saw me and I spent some time with her there at the golf practicing facility it really made her day I could tell she fell in love with the game all over again, her parents continued to Thank me  – and Thank Me.

You know, it was such a quality event and it gave me a platform to speak on diversity and leadership in golf at the PGA headquarters. The audience really loved my speech -  they gave me a standing ovation.

Incredible! Well, you deserve a Standing Ovation!

When is your next Golf Tournament – and where can people watch it?

We are really at the end of the golf season, however, this month I will be playing in a Celebrity golf event in Atlanta and a Women’s tour event in Florida.

Do you ever get nervous? And if so – how do you calm yourself down?

Nervousness is really not a problem for me. However, there are times when the game can become very intense and in those moments I just focus on a positive thought or a song since music is a cathartic agent and helps me get into the Zone.

I listened to some music on your web-page. I found it really very motivational and ethereal — but it was also very strong. Do you often write music? And if so – where can we find it?

As I mentioned Music is really a cathartic agent for me and helps me to relax and get into the Zone. I have several years of training in classical piano and I really enjoy the process of thinking of a melody and being able to execute it musically. You can always find my music on my website.

So – you’ve got this REALLY cool logo – “Z” and it’s on your clothing — I know that your name starts with a “Z” – but I want to know if you chose your own logo name out of simplicity – or was it a nickname?

My mother and grandmother actually came up with the concept to use the first letter of my name as a Logo and when I thought about it, I thought it was really, really cool ——  “Z”.

For now, the clothing line is private, however, we are looking into having it available for distribution and on-line, so stay Tuned.

So people expect you to be a hit in the LPGA – what are your thoughts on the LPGA – and what are your plans?

I Love the LPGA. They have some great players and a lot of talent on tour. I definitely want to play on the LPGA tour and be number one.

OK – let’s get down to the nitty gritty… Everyone wants to know if you’re available or if you’ve got time for love interests….

No. No. No. I’m really establishing my career right now, so the love interests will have to wait.

Some people will be disappointed – but we understand – you’re so focus-driven and you change so many people’s lives for the positive!

You’re a Model as well – I’m amazed at all the gorgeous pictures you’ve amassed… Where can people find more pictures of “Z”?

Yes, the Photo Shoots are so much FUN, I have a great time and my friends sometimes join me in all the excitement. People can go to my website, my FacebookTwitter and my blogs to find additional pictures.

Your Friends are a great influence in your life – it has to be hard with a schedule like yours to keep friendships going… Tell us what kinds of things you and your friends do – when you have spare moments for them.

I really enjoy going to the movies with my friends, we try to stay current and catch most of the new flicks. We also like to hang out at the beach, especially jet-skiing. We also like to go to professional sporting events and —  Shop Until We Drop.

You’ve been an inspiration to others – Tell us what you want the world to know about you — Zakiya “Z” Randall – that shows who you are — what you stand for… and what you hope to accomplish in your life….

I am a Sports Enthusiast and I enjoy demonstrating and sharing my passion with children, men and women. Teaching children reading and math -  in addition to speaking and being a philanthropist is also very enjoyable.

I enjoy giving back.

Some of my key goals are to beat all the pros and break the all-time Majors won. I also continue to see myself remaining involved with community based initiatives as well as furthering my education in Technology and Business.

The “Creating Leaders In Sports” Foundation is an excellent organization that supports athletes and brings about the awareness of rising obesity – and the importance of physical fitness and leadership.

You’re an amazing young woman – who has already accomplished so much – and has a bright future ahead of her… I’d like to say, it’s been my pleasure interviewing you – and I hope to be able to do so again. Researching you – on your website was fun… and I suggest other people take the time to visit it

We look forward to talking with you again – and truly wish you the most amazing time in your next tournament.

Thank you Meki Cox and Impulse Magazine for this exciting Interview.

I look forward to broadening and bringing additional diversity to the LPGA tour. It is vital that sponsor exemptions are provided and sponsors get involved in support of this effort.