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This Award Is For All the BIG-TIMERS. For 10 Grand I'm Taking You to Dinner, YOU WILL REMEMBER THIS EXPERIENCE Forever and EVER. THIS IS A VERY LIMITED ITEM. 

So You Have It. The Awards Are Affordable To One And All We Need Everyone To Join the 'Z' Movement. Many Thanks In Advance.  This Will Truly Be A Community Generated LPGA 'Z' Launch! 
I Need You ALL, To Get Involved.

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Much Love, Thanks to Each and Everyone of You. 

                           THANK YOU Puerto Rico,
               Thank You

                      Golf Channel Big Break NFL
                               Zakiya Randall 'Z'

Hello(WORLD)- All Fans and Supporters,

   Many people across the globe have told me that they are just anxiously awaiting for me to be a Hit
on the LPGA tour and watch me continually on TV. 

  Let's talk LPGA and the 3 C's COMMERCE, CAPITAL, what does it COST?  

JOIN THE 'Z' Movement 
If you have enjoyed seeing the TV shows and appearances let's get going. The different levels of contributions make it affordable for everyone to JOIN THE 'Z' Movement.

  So tell your Relatives, Friends, Co-Workers, Colleagues, Community, Business partners, JUST everybody!  


Thank You

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    "Your MINISTRY is GOLF and you are going to Transform and Touch Many Lives around the world."  -  Madison

    "Saw you on Prime Time Television, could not stop watching, give me more and more and more, you are Made for TV".
     - MG

     "I watched Big Break NFL Puerto Rico. You've done your part in helping and leading your team, I am impressed with
      your play. You focus, prepare and hit shots in a professional manner. This is great leading you to the ladies tour.
     You look stunning in your outfits too! You will go FAR! " - Brian

     Z I ordered one of your t-shirts, it fits so well, I LOVE it.  - Beth 

     "You were so Stunning and Beautiful on the RED CARPET at the Premiere of Golf Channel Big Break Atlantis, was    
        overjoyed to be there". LC

    'Z' you are really inspiring!  Not only do you excel in your sport, you are also very active in inspiring other young people
     around the nation.     
You are a GREAT Girl!  The world needs more people like you!  - Mark

     "Z, I saw you on CBS, you looked great, you are a NATURAL BORN STAR." - Dominque

     "Z, You have been such an inspiration in my life, go on for Greatness." You have it girl, a True Champion."- SMichael

      I am a huge fan of yours. I am avid golfer myself, you have an awesome swing and I believe you have a awesome
      career ahead of you. - JB

     "OMG, you look fabulous!, keep doing great things." - ZJames

    "Thanks to you my daughter keeps bugging me about getting her some cute golf  'Z' wear, thanks Z." - Tasha

    "Reading your Story, Following your Story, Knowing your Story it just simply leaves me in AWE." -  Jeff

"For years my friends tried to get me into the game of golf, but it only took one time of seeing you and now you can't get
      me off the golf course." TH

    "Z, thanks so much for coming to speak to us, giving back, the cool golf clinic and sharing your gifts, we just want to
     know When are you coming back? 
We Love 'Z' " - Girls Incorporated

    "My two children saw your on Front Page News, and there eyes just brighten with joy, thanks so much. You are such
     an inspiration." -  Ms. Jones

    "Z, Thanks for giving your time, being a fantastic speaker on our panelist for the girls, and the nice give away gifts and
     inked autographs." - 'Founder, Made 2 be more'

    "I know you have been deemed the next LPGA star, how about Superstar". Mr. Goldman

    "Reading your story is simply amazing. Keep up the good work and I look forward to following your future success." -
    Captain Houchins

    Thank you for inspiring us to be all that we can be. Thanks for your inspiration!  - Alexis and Isaiah 

   " I am so proud of you in all of your athletic and academic success. You are a very accomplished teenager. Keep up the
    good work your an inspiration to us all." -
Ms. Edwards 

    "Keep it up, Because you inspire me and my brother." -  Ryan

    " You are truly an inspiration to not only young girls and young women, but to a mid-age woman like me."- Ms.

    "Please keep up the good work, we as a community are proud of your accomplishments and how you are inspiring us
     all." - Mrs. Ravenel

    "We need dedicated young people to reach for the stars and become the best that they can be, thanks to you 'Z'." - 
     Ms. Meinen

   "I simply wanted to let you know that your accomplishments are absolutely amazing!" - Dean Of Students

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