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                         * Named by Pro-Golfer Digest as 'Next Up-And-Coming LPGA Star'. 

*** 'Sets Record (MAKES HISTORY) Wins 1st Place MEDAL LPGA U.S. Womens Open' *** 
*** First and youngest to ever win Medal in it's 73 years of existence!
                        *** Becomes 'First Female to Win' on Men's GOLF Tour *** 
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 "Technically Female - Empowering Generation 'Z' in STEM(Science and Technology)"
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'Z' Leads team to WIN on Big Break NFL           

               'Z' SCORES and Wins the Challenge


     'Z' Shows Her Power With Her Driver                 


     'Z' Returns to 'Big Break'                                      


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                              Why is Zakiya Randall one of the Best and Most Exciting stories in the World of Golf?...
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